Nature is truly majestic and awe-inspiring. Throughout history, humans have endeavored to comprehend its complexity, appreciate its beauty, and unravel its mysteries. Modern civilization in particular has explored and investigated our surroundings at a dizzying pace.

But does this imply that science will enable us to understand everything? Will science eventually enable us to dispense with religion, philosophy, art, and literature?

Given its remarkable track record, many people have adopted developed tremendous faith in science to solve all our problems, answer all our questions, even save humanity from self-destruction. In our age, science has taken on many of the attributes that other societies have ascribed to God. Isn’t that ironic?

Is faith in God compatible with the rigorous study of the natural world? We can’t possibly answer this question without thoroughly investigating many possibilities. We must dive in, confront our anxieties, and push forward in the midst of uncertainty. What good is faith if it makes us afraid to learn new ideas? What good is science if it prevents us from asking big questions?

Wherever you stand now, challenge yourself.

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