Conceptions of God and Christianity have been hijacked by contemporary American culture. We hear a lot of nonsense in conversation and in the media. The Bible says this, the Bible says that… With such mixed messages, what are we supposed to believe? No one said that faith was easy. Just as we can’t grasp physics unless we work at it, we cant expect to comprehend the foundations of Christianity unless we give it the same attention. That often means un-learning a lot of what we’ve been taught or heard from others.

God gave you a brain — use it! Interrogate scripture to see what it’s made of. Ask tough questions, search for answers. Explore your doubts and fears. Scientists work really hard to understand the inner workings of our natural world. Why shouldn’t we work just as hard to understand characteristics of God?

Whether you believe in God or not, have you taken the time, as a mature adult, to investigate whether your beliefs have a solid foundation? How did you arrive at your current worldview?Did you adopt the view of your parents, your friends, your professors? How do you know if your understanding of the world is actually true unless you scrutinize it?

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