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There are many ways to get involved in the ASA!  Below are some options, and let us know if you think of more.

Contributing to God and Nature
We eagerly welcome individual submissions to our blog.  Please contact us with your ideas so we can post something to share with our readers.

Also, we are always looking for more ASA members who we can feature in God and Nature. Here’s how it usually works: First, you send us some background information about your research (manuscripts, abstracts, articles, etc.). Second, we’ll arrange a time to briefly talk by phone to ask a few follow-up questions about your research and your personal background.  Third, we’ll write an article– you’ll have a chance to make any edits you think appropriate, and you are encouraged to share any images that you think would enhance the text.  Once that’s done, we post it!

Membership in the ASA is awesome– it’s a community of fascinating people!  It gives you opportunities to get to know other scientists as humans, not just as professional colleagues.  Whenever ASA members interact, whether it’s at an annual conference or simply at a coffee shop, exciting ideas, exchanges, and opportunities inevitably follow. Learn more at Join ASA.

Local Chapters
Our members are spread throughout the country, and many of us cannot attend the annual conference each year.  Given that challenge, we’ve found that local, more frequent contact with members who live in your area can lead to great friendships and opportunities for collaboration.  With an ASA membership, you can access our membership directory, making it easy to find those who live near you.

Additionally, some ASA members have formed their own local chapters:
Manhattan Kansas
Rocky Mountain
Oral Roberts
Southern California

We encourage you to take the lead in building ASA communities in your region, either formally or informally.  In an age dominated by electronic communication, there’s still no substitute for the friendships that ensue from face-to-face contact

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