There are some remarkably persistent misconceptions that prevent us from having a proper understanding of Christianity and its relationship with natural science.  Let’s examine a few:


Many people believe that Christian groups are social cliques where everyone thinks the same way, and there is no tolerance for diverse viewpoints.  Far too often, this is exactly the case!  But the ASA operates according to a different model– we believe that there is room for open dialogue, and that honest disagreements have the potential to enrich our understanding.  None of us have mastered every domain of knowledge, and we are eager to interact with those from a variety backgrounds.  While full ASA members are professionals in science who profess Christian faith, the larger ASA community is inclusive of everyone who is eager to learn about issues of science and faith.  That way, we can all struggle with tough issues together! Learn more at Join ASA.


God is not static, dull, or risk-averse.  So why should Christians be?  Jesus told us to follow him.  Since he was always on the move during his ministry,  we have to be prepared for rapid change and reorientation.


Doubts and Uncertainty

Many people think that having doubts and uncertainty about God is a sign of weak faith.  Instead, think of it as an opportunity to grow!  Doubts can lead to questions, and questions can lead us to investigate new vistas.  As our knowledge grows, we grow in our ability carry out one of our most fundamental mandates– to love God with all our minds.

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