The ASA encourages intellectual integrity in religious faith as well as the rigorous investigation of the natural world.

Christianity does not call us to turn off our brains.  It does not condone our neglect of the planet that sustains us. It calls us to love God with all our heart, all our strength, and all our mind. If our minds remain narrow and impoverished, our love will be weak.

If we are sincere about serving God and loving our neighbor, we must not act in a way that is ignorant or naïve. If we are to know God, his activity in the world, and our place in it, we must be ready to fully engage Scripture, natural science, the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. Ignoring any of these areas will leave us with gaps in our understanding and create a weak foundation for decisions affecting our society.

That being said, let’s turn to a few basic questions:

1. What exactly is the American Scientific Affiliation, and why does it exist?

2. What does the ASA do?

3. Who can participate?

4. How do I get involved?

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