Solving the Two-Body Problem

Married couples pursuing two careers face many obstacles.  When both partners work in academia, the situation can look downright bleak.  Due to their limited geographical mobility, some academic couples endure “commuter marriages,” living apart for years in different cities.  Results are varied: some have a stroke of luck and land appointments near each other, sometimes even in the same department.  For other couples, one person leaves academia to take a more flexible . . . → Read More: Solving the Two-Body Problem

Think It’s Cold Outside? How Do Insects Survive the Winter?

Julie's research subjects, southern ground crickets (Allonemobius socius)

For most of her life, Julie Reynolds has been fascinated by insects, and when she went off to college, she thought they would make a great subject of study.  Julie majored in biological sciences at the University of Alabama-Huntsville and focused on ecology.  Her undergraduate research examined the effects of microgravity stressors on crustaceans, and through these studies she became fascinated with the ability of animals to adapt . . . → Read More: Think It’s Cold Outside? How Do Insects Survive the Winter?

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