Fossils and Faith: Finding Our Way Through the Creation Controversy

Thea Nyhoff , Fossils and Faith: Finding Our Way Through the Creation  Controversy (4 lessons) 2005. CRC Press, Leader’s Guide, 67 pages.  Paper.($15.45); student newspaper for each session ($ 4.95).  Useful for high school students grades 11 and 12 or young adults/adults in either a day school or church school setting “If you have a child whoís obsessed with velociraptos and pterodactyls, one fine day he or she will ask you, ìWhy doesnít the Bible say anything about God making dinosaurs? You’ll blink a few times, then use the parental stall sentence: ìNow thatís a really good question . . .while your mind scans wildly for an answer that satisfies the childís scientific curiosity without contradicting what youíve taught about creation. After you’ve given your answer, you might ask yourself,  ‘What do I really believe about how science and the Bible relate to each other? What about evolution? And how does the existence of fossils affect my faith?’ A new course from Faith Alive is designed to help high schoolers (and parents of dinosaur-crazy kids) wrestle with difficult questions like these.”–Sandy Swartzentruber “Fossils and Faith is a four-session course that covers issues raised in the current debate between scientific and biblical views of creation. These issues are raised in a Reformed Protestant context, but no one position has been selected as the “best” or “most faithful” answer. Instead, this course presents a full range of the various positions that Christians have articulated. The sessions are designed to present and explain the key issues of this debate. Discussing the various issues will help members of your group articulate more clearly what they believe.”–Faith Alive