Beyond the Firmament

Gordon J. Glover, Beyond the Firmament: Understanding Science and the Theology of Creation Paperback, 228 pages. ISBN-10: 0978718615, 2007, Watertree Press. (BCC: $16.00, Amazon $14.40)

“There are loads of books on all sides of the Bible/science controversy, but I can say without
exaggeration that Beyond the Firmament ought to be at the top of the required reading list. It
is down to earth and easy to grasp, giving a good summary of the scientific evidences for the
antiquity of the universe and biological evolution, and why Christians ought to care about these things, while maintaining a faith-affirming interpretation of the Bible. Whether you agreeor disagree with the author’s approach or with the evidences, there are still critical questions that are often left un-asked, which the author does a good job of conveying to a primarily non-technical audience. The book is particularly styled toward conservative Christians, who tend to be the ones demanding scientific precision from ancient Biblical texts. The author, who once held this view, has been where many Christians fear to tread — honestly investigating the scientific evidence of “the other side.” He has returned, bringing an honest and forthright  testimony that believers don’t have to choose between accepting faith or the scientific evidence of the natural world. He holds that the Bible can be literally true (according to its intended message), while not necessarily being scientifically accurate according to science’s limited knowledge in any given generation. …” –Jon Tandy

Glover studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas and Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University. He also served 10 years in the U.S. Navy as a Deep Sea Diver and Ocean Engineer.