Evolutionary Creation

Denis O. Lamoureux  Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution.Paperback, 493 pp. 2008, ISBN:1556355815, Wipf Stock Publishers (List:$55.00, CBD: $49.99)

Denis Lamoureux is a person of faith and of intellectual integrity. His holistic and integrated view of science and Christian theology springs from both his broad academic training and his deeply held evangelical faith. This book is notable for the manner in which it forthrightly and unflinchingly addresses difficult issues at the interface of science and theology. In doing so, it remains faithful to the authority of scripture, the historical testimony of the church, and the observed record of Creation’s history. Denis Lamoureux joins an increasingly long list of evangelical scholars who have shown the the divisive ‘warfare’ of evolution and Christian faith to be without justification.” –Keith Miller, Research Assistant Professor of Geology, Kansas State University, editor of Perspectives on an Evolving Creation(2003)

“Lamoureux seeks to move the public debate on origins beyond the two simplistic choices of either ‘evolution’ or ‘creation.’ His passion for deep Christian faith and commitment to Scripture and integrity in science render his bold and provocative synthesis worthy of consideration.”–Randy Isaac, Executive Director, American Scientific Affiliation.

“What a magnificent understanding of God’s creatively sustaining presence reaching far beyond stereotypical received views on evolution and Christianity! This well-informed case, with teeth, defends the compatible and inclusive relationship between revelation and the findings of natural science while exposing false-choice barriers, albeit sincerely erected, between evolution and religious faith.”–Thaddeus J. Trenn, President, Canadian Science and Christian Affiliation

Lamoureau is Associate Professor of Science and Religion at St. Josephís College, part of the University of Alberta. He holds three doctoral degrees ó in dentistry, theology, and biology. He co-authored, with Philip E. Johnson, Darwinism Defeated? The Johnson-Lamoureux  Debate on Biological Origins (1999). Lamoureux is a Fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation, a member of the Executive Council of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation, and a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.