The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Dosen’t Say About Human Origins

Peter Enns, “The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Dosen’t Say About Human Origins,” Brazos Press, paper (2012). List: $17.99 Amazon: $11.99. Pete Enns has been at the fore of the recent Evangelical discussion of Genesis. Following the lines of his earlier “Inspiration and Incarnation,” he seeks to help American Evangelicals who “feel that a synthesis between a biblically conversant Christian faith and evolution is a pressing concern.” He argues that our view of Adam needs to be “adjusted in the light of the (1) scientific evidence supporting evolution and (2) literary evidence from the world of the Bible that helps clarify the kind of literature it is – that is, what it means to read it as it was meant to be read.”

Traditional approaches just will not do! Enns offers a new path which he lays out in two sections – Genesis: an Ancient Story of Israelite Self-Definition and Understanding Paul’s Adam. There is much that will be new to many ASA readers. It would be helpful if small groups would gather to discuss this material – perhaps with a pastor. The Conclusion, “Adam Today: Nine Theses” outlines the core issues
around which study groups might gather. As with quantum mechanics, we will need time to gain appreciation for what may appear to be an impossible paradigm shift. A well written and valuable addition to the faith-science literature.