Real Scientists, Real Faith: 17 Leading Scientists Reveal the Harmony Between Their Science and Their Faith

R. J. Berry,  Real Scientists, Real Faith: 17 Leading Scientists Reveal the Harmony between their Science and their Faith,” Monarch Books (2009) Paper, (List: $14.99, ASA Store $12.00.)
“The point of the author of each of the 17 tightly-packed autobiographies (about 15 pages each) in this book is first of all a simple and explicit declaration that in his or her life there is no clash whatever between the author’s religious faith (Christianity, in every case here) and career in science (high-level research and professorships, in medicine, genetics, psychiatry, environmental studies, geology, nanotechnology, biochemistry, … ”

“Secondly, each author describes either how he maintained his childhood and adolescent Christian faith in the (usually) overtly or covertly hostile atmosphere of university and professional scientific life, or else, as is quite often the case, came fresh to adult Christian faith during his studies or career in science, after a lapse from early Christianity or else from a totally agnostic or atheistic background.”

“There is no single route, in the detail, from unbelief to belief. It is nonetheless true that in every case the `convert’ came eventually to see that faith in a Creator God (and in a suffering and resurrected divine Redeemer), and k