The Prism and the Rainbow: A Christian Explains Why Evolution Is Not a Threat

Joel Martin, “The Prism and the Rainbow: A Christian Explains Why Evolution Is Not a Threat,” Johns Hopkins University Press (2010)  List: $20.00, Amazon $15.00.

“..As an engineer I depend on scientists for research to support basic design ideas.  Scientist Dr. Joel Martin provides the research for Christians to discuss evolution and creationism ideas.  He argues convincingly that the science of evolution is not a threat to Christians. He provides researched data for discussing positions of Christian denominations, definition of terms, and extensive references for serious study of the topic.  “The Prism and the Rainbow” is a particularly valuable resource for the Sunday school teacher with questioning high school students in the class.”

“…As one who has spent the past several years engaging in public discussions about evolution and religion at various church and educational venues, I had been contemplating writing a book like this one for quite some time. Thankfully Joel Martin has beaten me to it.”

“…The author starts from the position that biological evolution is true and cites a number of very good references for the interested reader to pursue the evidence. He touches on the problem of reading the Bible too literally with an interesting example. His discussion of creationism is rather limited, but he provides a very good discussion of the problems with intelligent design. Along the way, he offers some good insights, such as “Science does not invent nature; it simply reveals nature. If this is God’s world, then science can only reveal God’s world” and “A wise reader does not get caught up in the details and lose the important message.  The book does not go deeply into the theological issues involved in integrating science and the Bible. The prism and the rainbow are intended to illustrate that “a natural phenomenon be given a scientific explanation and yet be mentioned in the Bible as (and believed by Christians to be) a sign from, and a creation of, God.”  (portions of three Amazon reviews)