When Science and Christianity Meet

David Lindberg and Ronald Numbers, editors When Science and Christianity Meet. 368 pages., 2008,  Paper, University of Chicago Press. (List: $20.00, Amazon: $18.00) PSCF Review

“…The eleven authors have worked under strong editorial hands resulting in accounts that fit together ‘even reveal a pattern’ in address[ing] the varied relationships between two powerful cultural traditions attempting, sometimes, to occupy the same intellectual and social ground (pp. 4-5)…¬†bring perspective to more recent concerns over the place of God in nature including the efforts of partisans of ID to rewrite the ground rules of science to allow the inclusion of supernatural explanations of phenomena. Notes on each chapter and a guide to further reading offer valuable supplements to the text. The chapters are well integrated and the work is accessible for the general reader. When Science & Christianity Meet should be part of the library of any Christian who seeks to understand the influence of science on faith.” PSCF