Ronald L. Numbers, Ed. GALILEO GOES TO JAIL AND OTHER MYTHS ABOUT SCIENCE AND RELIGION, Harvard University Press, 2009. xi + 302 pages, including notes and index. Hardcover;  (List: $27.95.  )

The  Myths: 1. That the Rise of Christianity Was Responsible for the Demise of Ancient Science   2. That the Medieval Christian Church Suppressed the Growth of Science  3. That Medieval Christians Taught That the Earth Was Flat  4. That Medieval Islamic Culture Was Inhospitable to Science 5. That the Medieval Church Prohibited Human Dissection 6. That the Copernican System Demoted Humans from the Center of the Cosmos  7. That Giordano Bruno Was the First Martyr of Modern Science 8. That Galileo Was Imprisoned and Tortured for Advocating Copernicanism  9. That Christianity Gave Birth to Modern Science  10. That the Scientific Revolution Liberated Science from Religion 11. That Catholics Did Not Contribute to the Scientific Revolution 12. That Rene Descartes Originated the Mind-Body Distinction 13. That Isaac Newton’s Mechanistic Cosmology Eliminated the Need for God  14. That the Church Denounced Anesthesia in Childbirth on Biblical Grounds 15. That the Theory of Organic Evolution is Based on Circular Reasoning  16. That Evolution Destroyed Charles Darwin’s Faith in Christianity Until He Reconverted on His Deathbed 17. That Huxley Defeated Wilberforce in Their Debate over Evolution and Religion  18. That Darwin Destroyed Natural Theology 19. That Darwin and Haeckel Were Complicit in Nazi Biology 20. That the Scopes Trial Ended in Defeat for Antievolutionism 21. That Einstein Believed in a Personal God 22. That Quantum Physics Demonstrated the Doctrine of Free Will 23. That Intelligent Design Represents a Scientific Challenge to Evolution 24. That Creationism is a Uniquely American Phenomenon 25. That Modern Science Has Secularized Western Culture” — Preston,  PSCF Review