Perspectives on an Evolving Creation

Keith Miller ed., Perspectives on an Evolving Creation 528 pages, ISBN: 0802805124, 2003, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing,Paperback (List: $36.00, CBD: $27.99)

“Here is a book that I would call ‘state of the art’ in this controversy.”–Terry Morrison (former director of Faculty Ministry for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship).” (full-length review)

“An ambitious book with an impressive list of able contributors, Perspectives on an Evolving Creation should be read by everyone interested in the question of biological origins from a biblical perspective.”–Edward Larson, lawyer, historian, and author, winner of Pulitzer Prize.

“This book is superb: of much interest to the scholar, it provides absolutely essential classroom resources not available anywhere else. I am so grateful to Keith Miller for putting this collection together.”– Nancey Murphy, Professor of Christian philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary.

“All Christians should read this book for instruction and perspectives on science that they can trust and think about. So should all scientists, Christian or not, who are interested in the practical rapprochement that is possible between science and religion.”– Kevin Padian , Professor and curator, Dept of Integrative Biology & Museum of Paleontology, U of California at Berkeley.

“Perspectives on an Evolving Creation will immeasurably benefit young Christian scholars about to embark on careers that will entail a great deal of strenuous thinking on their part about the interrelationships between science and theology;… it is essential reading for those interested in these relationships.”–Davis A. Young, professor of geology, Calvin College.

Dr. Keith B. Miller is research assistant professor of geology at Kansas State University.